teddy bear day care and preschool


Our Family has attended Teddy Bear Day Care for over 7 years. Both of our kids enjoy the time they spend there and have learned a great deal. The staff has become part of an extended family to them. We have recommended Teddy Bear Day Care to friends without hesitation. There are not too many places we would trust to leave our kids, but we have always felt reassured and comfortable with having our children at Teddy Bear Day Care.

The Scholle Family

Hi there! I just wanted to drop a note to say that we really love having Cam at TBDC! He seems to be loving it, and we can definitely tell he is learning a lot. Just this week he sang his entire ABC’s and has tried to count 1-10 (which we think is remarkable for a two year old). He is talking constantly about his friends and his teachers at “school”. Your teachers are clearly making quite the impact on him!
Andrea Tincher

Andrea Tincher

When our oldest was born, we started out with an in-home daycare. Within a few months, we knew that it was not right for our daughter. We looked at several places around Brownsburg and found Teddy Bear Day Care to be the best fit for our family. Since bringing our daughter to Teddy Bear at 7 months old, she has been given excellent care and attention by the caring staff. The teachers take a vested interest in the children and create a safe and welcoming learning environment. We feel that she is being well prepared educationally for when she starts kindergarten in a few years. We also love the enrichment classes, like Spanish class, Bible class and gymnastics that are offered during the day for her to attend.

When we knew we were expecting our second child, we were nervous that there might not be space for our 2nd child. The office staff assured us that they would make sure we had a spot for our infant. We are so pleased and relieved to know that while we are at work our girls are safe and well cared for at Teddy Bear Day Care.

Bart and Sherri Barnes

When we began our search for the best place for our 20 month old daughter Ella I had no doubt in my mind we would end up in an in home daycare. But, as we toured home after home, nothing felt quite right. I trusted my instincts and knew we just hadn’t found the right fit. Ella is our first child and she is our world, so there was no chance for settling. Just to make sure we covered our bases, we checked into a few day cares.

Teddy Bear was the perfect size, with a great curriculum, great price and location for us. Their flexibility and fairness in tuition outshined all the others. Now that it is summer time, as a teacher, I had the option to take Ella out of class. However, she has loved her teachers and the friends she has made so much; we decided to keep her at school part-time. I think that speaks volumes to the program Teddy Bear is running. Our daughter has learned so much from her teachers, not only academically, but socially as well. In fact, we are moving shortly to the northwest side of Indy and the drive to keep her at Teddy Bear will be slightly out of the way. So we started to search again for a day care closed to our new home. Not much to my surprise nothing compared to Teddy Bear. Ella will remain at Teddy Bear next year even the drive will be longer. I feel so happy and confident with the love and support my child is given each day. She has actually called me “Miss Mommy” with how comfortable she is with her teachers. We feel truly blessed to have found such an amazing environment for our daughter and I have already recommended friends to come see for themselves! Thank you Teddy Bear for all you do.

Caitlin Skinner

We would like to thank Teddy Bear for all of your care and support. Anthony loves going to school and has learned so much. I feel very comfortable and grateful for all the support the center has provided. I am so proud of Anthony and everything he has learned, and your staff has been a BIG part of his development. It’s nice to hear him talk about all his teachers at the center. You have all put so much effort and time into what you do. It’s so nice to see the attention that you pay to Anthony and our family. It’s a heartwarming feeling. We appreciate all the staff does for us.

The Murphy Family

Teddy Bear Day Care has made a huge positive impact on our family. The teachers are helping raise our children and have taught them to use a sippy cup, sing the alphabet, share toys, use the potty, and write their name and so much more! Our 3 children have attended Teddy Bear since they were babies and it is so wonderful to our 2nd and 3rd kids be in classes with the same teachers our 1st child had. We have grown to love and appreciate the entire staff. There is something to be said about dropping the kids off and being able to head to work, not look back, and not worry for one minute about them during the day, so we can focus at work, and then pick them up and see them playing and having a great time. Thank you to everyone at Teddy Bear Day Care for molding our children into the best “little people” they can be!

Kelli and Gemi Ozdemir

My children have been going to Teddy Bear for about 1 1/2 years now and I consider Teddy Bear Day Care my children's home away from home. The teachers are all very loving and compassionate and treat my children as if they were their own. I know I never have to worry about my kids when I am at work because they are in excellent hands.

Curry Family

We love Teddy Bear! My schedule is not consistent at all, and Teddy Bear is so flexible with me, making sure there's always coverage for my daughter. She's always so comfortable at the center, with all of the teachers. It's a professional, but yet warm center-all the things you want for great care for your children without any of the rigid corporate feel.

Hoover Family

All three of our kids have attended Teddy Bear, and we have been thrilled with the center. The setting is very cozy and homey, and all of our kids have made special bonds with their teachers and classmates. The center has a skillful balance of teaching and fun, so the kids have been eager to learn new things. I think of Teddy Bear as an extension of our family.

Kitchel Family

As grandparents of boys ages 2 and 3 that had just come to live with us, we wanted to make sure we found the perfect place for them to heal and feel loved. Teddy Bear was first on our list and the minute I walked in I knew "this is it". The kids were happy, friendly and each teacher took time to meet me. I had many hugs that day from lots of little people, and Stephanie listened to my concerns for the boys. Here we are 9 months later, and they are happy boys who know they are safe at Teddy Bear and have developed strong bonds with their teachers. Teddy Bear has provided us with the relief of knowing our grandsons well- being always comes first with all the staff. We feel they are a part of our family.

Curt and Dorene Stahl

The staff at Teddy Bear Day Care is like our extended family. Its a great environment for parents and children.

The Brosch Family