Preschool Program

Ages 3-5

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The commitment to excellence carries through to the preschool program. The kindergarten-readiness curriculum is a center-based, theme orientated program that allows children to make choices with regard to the activities they will participate in and provides them with the tools to be successful. At each stage of preschool development, careful consideration is given to classroom arrangement and the selection of developmental learning materials. To enhance the individual learning process, the preschool classroom is arranged in the following learning centers: art, blocks, dramatic play, home living, transportation, music bbg constructionand movement, sensory. Gross Motor development is enhanced in the Large Motor Room. Each learning center is abundant with engaging activities corresponding with the weekly theme. Children interact with a variety of materials to discover and learn. It is through this child directed play and fun that preschoolers are actually learning concepts such as counting, letter recognition, sounds, shapes, colors, sequencing and listening skills in preparation for kindergarten.


Communication continues to be an important aspect of your family's experience at Teddy Bear Day Care. Daily activities and the mastery of skills are shared with you each day.


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For your preschooler please provide...
* Provide an extra set of clothing
* Provide seasonally appropriate clothing for outdoor play
* Bring your child's special blanket or stuffed animal for rest/nap time
* Provide all necessary over the counter products (i.e. sunscreen) labeled with your child's name