In order to have our children better prepared for elementary school, our Kindergarten progrwindermere carsam follows the "Foundations for Learning," the set of standards and goals designed by the State of Indiana. These goals are obtained using hands on, active learning. Individual, small group, and large group settings enable each child to grow, learn, and develop. The curriculum is comprehensive, including language arts, math, art, music and movement, and science. Our Kindergarten teachers give the children encouragement, guidance, and an enthusiasm for learning.

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Listed below are examples of common activities for the Kindergartners.Language Arts: New words, syllables, writing, sequencing, and rhyming

Math: Problem solving, basic addition and subtraction, and logical reasoning

Art: Painting, free drawing, collages, self creativity

Music and Movement: Instruments, rhythm and beat, song, and dance

Science: Nature walks, experiments, sensory, and discovering ecosystems and life cycles