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Our commitment to excellence begins with the partnership between our teachers and parents, in providing the highest quality care that meets the individual needs of your baby. This trusting relationship continues as your baby grows and his or her developmental needs change. This open communication will be on going throughout your child's time at Teddy Bear Day Care.


babies playingTeddy Bear Day Care understands that very young children require an environment that is especially responsive to individual needs. Our loving and nurturing teachers respond with child-friendly language, warm smiles and gentle touches to assure babies they are safe, secure and special. At Teddy Bear Day Care, our infant classroom offers an array of bright, stimulating equipment along side soothing rest areas, which provide a rich environment for babies to safely explore the world around them. Babies alternate between active exploration of play areas and individual feeding and rest times. All babies eat, sleep and play on their own unique daily schedule. Our nurturing infant program is designed just for them based upon both immediate needs as well as parental request. The parent-teacher relationship becomes one of mutual support and learning about how best to care for your infant.


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In our infant classroom, you will be delighted in the many warm and nurturing activities your baby will experience. You will find our teachers singing songs, rocking and cuddling children, reading stories and enjoying all the wondrous moments of your baby's day.

These activities, along with a detailed account of your baby's schedule, will be carefully documented for your review at the end of each day.

Our curriculum encourages discoveries in the developmental areas of social/emotional, language, small and large motor, and sensory. We recognize that cognitive learning occurs naturally during all five of these development areas. The curriculum offers a variety of different experiences in which babies can discover more about themselves and their environments