teddy bear day care and preschool


Infant Program

bbg baby

Our commitment to excellence begins with the partnership between our teachers and parents, in providing the highest quality care that meets the individual needs of your baby. This trusting relationship continues as your baby grows and his or her developmental needs change. This open communication will be on going throughout your child's time at Teddy Bear Day Care.


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Toddler Program

program-toddler12-30 months

Our commitment to excellence continues with our toddler program, which is designed to meet the individual needs of children ages 12-30 months. Toddlers are eager learners with lots of energy to learn about their surroundings.


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Preschool Program

outside readingAges 3-5

The kindergarten-readiness curriculum is a center-based, theme orientated program that allows children to make choices with regard to the activities they will participate in and provides them with the tools to be successful. At each stage of preschool development, careful consideration is given to classroom arrangement and the selection of developmental learning materials.  

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windermere cars

In order to have our children better prepared for elementary school, our Kindergarten program follows the "Foundations for Learning," the set of standards and goals designed by the State of Indiana. These goals are obtained using hands on, active learning. Individual, small group, and large group settings enable each child to grow, learn, and develop. The curriculum is comprehensive, including language arts, math, art, music and movement, and science. Our Kindergarten teachers give the children encouragement, guidance, and an enthusiasm for learning.


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LuauBefore & After School Program

Our school-age program, has been especially developed for children from kindergarten through 10 years of age.

Our school-age classroom is designed to foster the individual and unique interest of school-age children and provide a happy, relaxing and club- like atmosphere.


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