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Our Commitment to Guiding Behavior Positively

Teddy Bear Day Care's behavior guidance policies are designed to facilitate the enhancement of self-esteem and potential in young children and also to reflect our belief in the educational nature of our work. Social skills and the desire to get along with others evolve through an educational process similar to that of learning about science or math.

* Our childcare professionals teach social skills, including kindness and respect for others, honesty, cooperation and sharing by implementing them into the day's many activities.

* Our teachers model acceptable behavior as well as praise acceptable behavior as it unfolds.

* Classroom expectations are defined for the children in a positive manner ("please use your indoor voice" instead of "no yelling").

* The classroom setting offers children a wide variety of acceptable choices. Often negative behavior can be the result of lack of stimulation or limited challenges.

* Children are engaged in active learning and exploration.

* Each classroom's schedule and experiences are specifically tailored to meet the developmental needs of the children's age level.

* Realistic expectations are based on their developmental level and are always explained to them so they understand what is expected.

* Alternative suggestions are provided to introduce and encourage "problem solving" concepts.

* Positive role-playing behavior helps to establish skills of cooperatively helping and negotiating.


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