teddy bear day care and preschool


The purpose of Teddy Bear Day Care, Inc. is first and foremost to provide a total child care facility that promotes a loving, caring atmosphere in which a child can flourish and grow. We take seriously the responsibility parents entrust to us. Parents, therefore, bring their children to Teddy Bear Day Care, Inc. secure in the knowledge that they will receive the highest quality care possible during their absence. We accept the responsibility of caring for children in a loving, sensitive and sympathetic manner. We encourage and expect sensitivity toward all children from our staff. We uphold our principles and purposes by naeyc logo.pnghiring qualified individuals of good character and high moral values. We have set the highest standards of professionalism and a personal code of conduct and would consider any breech a cause for dismissal.  Our teachers and staff obtain active NAEYC memberships and attend annual conferences to further educate themselves.

bead stringingTeddy Bear Day Care, Inc. promotes an environment with planned experiences geared to meet the needs of young children. By example, we strive to instill a love of learning in each child. We offer the freedom to make choices and opportunities for a child to observe and explore things around him/her. We encourage independence and self-reliance in an effort to build each child's self-esteem and self-confidence. We want each child to become a social human being, learn the value of friendship, increase his/her awareness of others, and learn simple social skills and courtesies. We strive to mold each child into a healthy, well-rounded individual by offering a variety of different experiences. We teach children how to handle their bodies, how to use their large and small muscles and develop body coordination.

We feel that children need first hand experiences that encourage them to stretch and grow both physically and mentally. This is achieved through "hands on experience" learning. Each child receives a well-balanced program of learning activities that include enough variety to be both intellectually and emotionally stimulating. Learning is incorporated into every day play through our "learning centers". We challenge each child's creativity- not extensive paper-pencil tasks. We offer both structured and unstructured creative activities for each age group.

While in our care, it is our goal to develop the following in each child:


  • Social Skillsshaving cream
  • Art Expression
  • Exploration Skills
  • Positive Self-image
  • Language Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Music and Rhythm
  • Development of basic reading, science and math skills


The security and safety of each child is an utmost priority at Teddy Bear Day Care, Inc. We have established methods which enable us to provide for the personal well-being of each child in our care. We are attentive to the specific needs of each individual while maintaining the welfare of the entire group. We care for children from infancy through pre-adolescence, and a bonding between caregiver and child is established. We consider ourselves "parenting partners" in providing for the growth, development and well being of each individual child.

We offer the freedom for your child(ren) to make choices and have a variety of opportunities. Each child has the ability to observe and explore the things around him/her to encourage independence and self-reliance.

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Early Childhood education combines stimulating activities with loving attention to enable a young child to become emotionally secure, socially competent and intellectually capable. As educators of young children, we recognize our role in affecting how a child's brain develops. We are committed to this crucial period of growth. We also believe that the exploration, investigating, and interaction that take place when children play is a critical part of development and learning. In order to support the play and development of young children and how they best learn, Teddy Bear Day Care follows the Foundation to Academic Standards by which our local elementary schools abide. Our center strives to prepare your children for excellence in grade school while incorporating play into every day activities.