Our Guarantee

The purpose of Teddy Bear Day Care, Inc. is first and formost to provide a total child care facility that promotes a loving, caring atmosphere in which a child can flourish and grow...

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Teddy Bear Day Care and Preschool

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What To Expect

Teddy Bear Day Care is a Indiana State Licensed Childcare Center offering care to children 6 weeks to 10 years of age. We have been in business for 30+ years. Being a licensed center, we comply with state laws and regulations. Read More...

Enhancing Self-esteem

We offer the freedom to make choices and opportunities for a child to observe and explore things around him/her. We encourage independence and self-reliance in an effort to build each child's self-esteem and self-confidence. Read More...

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Developing social and Verbal Skills

The children engage in a variety of art and craft projects daily. One of our main goals is to assist children with the development of their social and verbal skills. Each room is equipped with learning centers from which the children engage in a variety of activities. Read More...

What Parents are saying about Teddy Bear Day Care